Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Smile today!!

Ever noticed how many people smile or even chat to your children while your out and about? Today in the space of an hour we visited 4 shops and the beach and had 6 shop ladies talk to Kaydin about his 'ben 10 watch' and his curly hair (he gets that one just about everytime we go out) older ladies always want to stop and chat to him, people walking past often smile indulgently at him, shop assistants think it soo cute when he says please, thank you and bye. Even men both younger and older often at least smile and maybe say hi when they see him or as we walk past. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could be that friendly to everyone else regardless of wether they're children or another adult or wether their hair is curly or straight.
A simple smile from another person while your out can make a bad day seem better and a gud day even brighter, i know from experience. i always try to smile at people when im out (almost habit after working as a waitress and receptionist) and most of the time they do smile back. Even if just one person feels better after i give them a smile it makes it worth it. So the next time you go out just try and smile at anyone you can and you will be contributing to national happiness :)

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Annie said...

smiles are worth millions :)