Monday, 11 February 2008

Back from holiday

What an awesome 5 days!! I had a better time then i thought I was going to have and i was planning on having a good time. I just couldn't believe how stressfree it really was. We walked down to the beach everyday and went swimming. I would go in with Kaydin and we practised his kicking and then I would hop out and sit on the bank while he carried on playing in and out of the shallow water. He had fun jumping and splashing. He learned that BIG rocks make BIG splashes and sink to the sandy bottom and little rocks make little splashes but still sink to the bottom the same, while sticks make smaller splashes and float on the water. We went for a walk to the wharf to look for fishes but couldn't see any, (i think next time i may have to have a go at fishing with him cos no1 else will and he would love it). He loved being with Grandma and was her little helper, he helped make bread rolls and got to knead his own dough and roll his own rolls and he loved it!!! He also loved just following her around and being her shadow and she was quite happy for him to do that. It made me realise how much more stressede i am living at my mothers place though, here i'm condtantly jumping upi and telling him not to touch this or get into that and i always feel horribly guilty if he does get into something while at grandmas everytime i thought i should be telling him to leave something or come away from somewhere she was saying no he's fine leave him and my stress levels totally platoed at low point, even putting him to bed when he didn't want to sleep was not a worry i had so much more patience. Now i definately can't wait to get my own place and am looking harder than ever.
I just can't wait to go back again and now know for sure that holidays with a nearly 3yr old aren't even half as stressful as i had thought they would be :)

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