Friday, 5 December 2008

Keep safe works (kind of)

Kaydin came down with a cold on tuesday and i have come to the conclusion that when Kaydin gets a cold he likes it all to be over and done with in 2 days which means tues and weds were coughing, high temps, vomiting (in my bed weds night gross!) andthen thurs morning he was fine just a lingering cough. Weds morning though he spent 5 mins just bawling his eyes out and when i finally calmed him down i asked why he was crying he replied "i was sad" i asked "why were you sad?" He replied "i had a 'no' feeling." I'm thinking this is good he's remembering what he was taught, i then asked what made you feel like that to which he murmed "(something) your mum" "sorry what was that" i asked only to hear "(something) your mum" so i gently said "sorry bub im not sure what your saying, he then looks at me and yells "TELL YOUR MUM!" which is of course the next step the keep safe teaches them but didn't really answer my question so i simply said "that's right you do tell your mum" and changed the subject