Saturday, 2 February 2008


Kaydin loves butterflies. He loves the way they have bright colours and the way they fly. They also have emotional significance to his family on his father's side. So the other weekend I took him out to a butterfly place with my mum and his godparents. He loved it! We went through the house twice with him running back and forth "look mum! look mum!" & "Butterfly! Butterfly!" pointing at all the different butterflies. Hw also enjoyed seeing the turtles in the pond as well (even more so then the butterflies i think), especially when one started sunning itself on the rocks. After the butterflies he got a snapping tiger at the gift store which he thoroughly enjoyed snapping at people and then he got to go on the train ride. He loves trains and had a grin that stretched across his face everytime the driver blew the whistle. Of course he did fall asleep on the drive home but who wouldn't after an exciting day :)

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