Wednesday, 18 February 2009

More Navy News

On Sunday my brother had his first Navy leave. He had a Family church service to which only mum and Shani were invited to but cousin Nikki, sister Katie and i drove out to devonport and meet Grandma there and eventually found aj and the others. Gosh you could spot all the navy boys wondering around with their nearly bald heads, it doesn't appear to be short back and sides anymore its an all over shave. Heading back home it took over an hour just to get out of devonport on to the motorway, what with the navy boys leaving, a rock concert, weetbix triathlon there was a lot of traffic. i finally got home and Kaydins dad dropped him off so we went around to mums were they had picked up aj's friend dean. Too hot to sit in the sun we were sitting on the grass hill in the backyard in the shade when Kaydin started tapping us on the head 'goose, goose, tag' interesting adaptation of 'duck, duck, goose' this game eventually lasted over half an hour before kaydin had a run in with uncle non's knee as he got in the way of the goose chase.