Sunday, 30 December 2007

Childhood Careers

Have you ever noticed how many different jobs people suggest children might have when they grow up?
So far Kaydin will be 7 different things in counting.
he loves playing with tools and has helped numerous uncles, daddy's (his and other peoples) in building or constructing things so maybe he will be a builder.
Or as he can recognise a rugby ball anywhere or even just the shape of one he might be a rugby player (I've been teaching him to say Dan Carter)
He could drive any kind of vehicle really, motorbikes and trucks are his favourite but boats and trains come a close second followed by buses and helicopters.
Then comes the ones his dads not so sure about like a make up artist. He could be a hairdresser as he loves playing with, brushing my hair, Opoes, Aunty's anybodies really.
And he loves pretending to put make up on others and is always getting into my lip gloss, moisturiser or thin Lizzy so perhaps a make up artist.
As a typical boy he loves running, jumping, falling, rolling around on the floor and after watching him Christmas night one of my uncles came up with him being a stunt double. then after being told about his make up artist option the uncles decided he could do both, especially on those budget films where he could do his own make up before doing his stunt acts.
Then again he also likes handbags and high heels. He recently got upset at a shoe shop when he was stuck in a trolley and unable to pick out shoes to try on. so maybe a fashion designer is o n the cards to.

Whatever he may choose to be i hope he always knows I and his family will always be there to support him in all his endeavors :)

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was such a great day!!! after waiting till 8.30am before waking kaydin up he was absolutly spoiled rotten. he loved his Black & Decker kids tool sets from me and Opoe (old dutch for grandmother)and his woody doll from his uncle which is the same as his cousins one he loves to play with. then at daddys he spent nearly 10 minutes just opening his presents, which is his favourite bit anyway :)
its so neat that although he didn't understand the santa thing he did enjoy opening presents this year.
the present from kaydins dad was a dvd i wanted so i think we are making progress on the parenting together and being friends part. he also went and strted playing the playstation game i & kaydin got him so i think that went down well to.
All in all Christmas was great we saw nearly all of my mothers side in the morning, kaydins fathers family 4 lunch and all my fathers side for dinner.
we went to bed full and happy (although kaydin didn't want to go to sleep till 11pm i think it was the sugar)

Sunday, 23 December 2007

presents in shared parenting

I don't remember Christmas being this stressful last year.
i thought i was doing well when i had all my presents except two by the second week of december, wrapped and hidden even. unfortunately those two were my cousin who has everything she needs and can buy anything she wants and my ex partner Kaydins dad. this is a problem every year even when we were together because he absoloutly refuses to admit he wants anything his standard answer to the question 'what would yu like for (xmas, birthday, father's day)?' is always 'nothing' so this year his sister and i cornered him and made him sit at the table throwing suggestions at him till he had agreed to some. but then of course i couldn't find the play station game he wanted for the price i was willing to pay and i had no idea which books he already had by the author he suggested. and did i mention to add to my present shopping drama his birthday is the 24th december which means two presents are needed! in the end i found a ps2 game i hope he's happy with, i got a book he hadn't read and fell back on my usual buy a t-shirt with a funny saying on it, actually i let kaydin choose two and a singlet, but he keeps wearing them so he can't mind too much.
i've also heard through his mother and sister that he actually got me a present this year and it's not chocolate and i'm not complaining but it does seem strange. out of all my birthdays, mother's day's and christmasses i've known him i can recall 3 presents. Flower's and a mosquito net for my first birthday i spent with him, an engagement ring (which was nice but not as long lasting as the net which i still have), and a box of choccies last year. but we shall see what happens whatever it is it's certainly better than nothing and the thought is definately what counts.
i hope you all have a (relatively)relaxed christmas and may all your present thoughts be appreciated :)