Saturday, 16 February 2008

Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

Starting back at playcentre this year i found it very hard to figure out what to put in his lunchbox that would taste gud, be healthy, and would last until it was time to eat. Luckily that very first session i found an article that had a very extensive guide to wat sort of food to pack YAY!! Things like protein foods, cold meats ie mini meatballs, salami etc, yogurts and custard, cheese cubes, eggs, hummus dip. And then a list of foods that could be frozen so they defrost by lunchtime and stay fresh to eat like breads and bagels, cooked meats, fritters, hummus, yoghurt with fruit blended together and a whole list of other lunchbox filler ideas fantstic! I can't wait to try out new things i hadn't thought of (and to see if Kaydin will actually eat them) There are some great health food websites with ideas as well as some food magazines. Around this time of the year lots of magazines are doing school lunch box ideas so if you get a chance go out and have a look at some.

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