Friday, 30 April 2010

Music Star

Today Kaydin delved into the musical side of his personality. He has always been into music be it listening to music (songs and instrumentals) singing away himself or playing instruments. Today he found a Ukeleile (sp..) and started strumming away. Then i had to sing various nursery rhymes while he played the music. Once some other children had joined us he went and got more musical instruments and we had quite a neat little band playing with children from 7months to nearly 5yrs. we had Ukeleile's, triangles, drums, xylophones, clarinets. it was really delightful to see. (photos to follow once i've found time to upload them)

Right from early though i've noticed and tried to encourage his interest in music. a friend of mums plays in a band and we went to watch them perform and he just sat in his pushchair absoloutly spellbound. The cutest has to be one day when we were driving i heard this little singsong voice in the back happily singing "Happy birthday to me, all-by-myself. Happy birthday to me, all-by-myself"

Hopefully when he starts school he will be able to learn more about music as i have never been any good and havn't been able to extend his learning. Right now i think it would be great to have a budding musician in the house but im sure when he's a teenager with a band pounding music in my garage i may not be so convinced :)

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