Thursday, 22 April 2010

I'm (finaly) back!

I've been away for so long, (ahhh facebook) but now im back and hopefully soon will be posting recipes and craft patterns/items as well as Kaydin's progress.
Kaydin has to go to Hospital to have surgery on his teeth on May 18th. Because of Noonan's and the heart condition he has to be put under general anasthetic so we will go in and either his dad or i will have to hold the mask over him and then we have 45min to an hour to wait (depending on what they find they need to do when they get in there) and then wait while the anasthetic wears off before we can go home.
And also finally getting him enrolled in school, he starts in June but i suspect it's taken me this long because subconciously im objecting to sending him away 5 days a week when im used to having him 24/7!

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TheSweetOne said...

Nice to see you back! Hope you're all doing well and that surgery is productive!