Friday, 23 April 2010

Harry and his bucketful of Dinosaurs

These dinosaurs i knitted for Kaydins Christmas present 2008. They were from a pattern book with only 4 types of dinos a t-rex, a long neck, a pteradactyl and the short long flat one so i had to customize them to make a stegasaurus and triceratop so i think just having the right colours makes it easier to tell who they are

Orange is Trike the Triceratops
Yellow is Pterence the Pteradactyl
Red is Taurie the Tyranasaurus Rex
Blue with pink spikes is Steggy the Stegasaurus (my fav.)
Pink is Patsy the Apatasaurus
Blue with Yellow spikes is Syd the 'some type of dinosaur'
(excuse my poor spelling)


TheSweetOne said...

I LOVE these! We don't even watch Harry but I've always thought the dinos were adorable!

mummi said...

Kaydin still loves harry and his dinos even though he's nearly five and you can also get the books so you can read them anytime