Monday, 26 April 2010

Birthday Plans

Kaydin's 5th Birthday is coming up (still a wee while away yet though) and he decided months ago that he wanted a Dinosaur party. So i've been thinking of ideas for the party, games and food ideas, i managed to buy some easter eggs to put in a nest for a 'dino nest hunt' instead of a treasure hunt. The Cake idea progressed from just a Dino shaped cake to a Erupting Volcano cake nad now his dad had an idea for an egg cake that when Kaydin cuts it open it will have plastic dinos inside "hatching out". However he did leave the way to make it up to me to figure out. But i have a couple of different ways to choose from so we will see how it goes. I found dino invites which last month so i've already got them organised, just have to write the list out. Looking forward to it actually being close enough to start impleting these plans and hoping the day (and cake) goes well and will definatly put up photos after the day

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