Friday, 30 January 2009

Navy Boy

My brother allanon joined the Navy earlier this month and started his 11 week basic training. he has already written one lot of notes 1 to mum, sister, kaydin & Me, 1 to his girlfriend & 1 to a friend. all posted in the same envelope (saves on stamps i guess) Recently we were all sent more notes i recieved one for just me & Kaydin. He has a church day on the 15th feb to which Mum & his girlfriend Shani were invited so they recieved a letterfrom the personnel person on the base inviting them and explaining why allanon is being so cut off from 'the outside world' to prepare them for life on a boat at sea. he has also asked for letters because there is nothing to read at night except the bible which is 'an old story' he says. he graduates basic training on the 27th March. so will update again if i hear from him again

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