Saturday, 3 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year's everyone! This year Kaydin and i went to his friend Scarlet's house for a sleepover. Kaydin did really well staying up till 10pm without being overly grumpy and went straight to sleep. i got to bed around 1am and then Kaydin was awake at 2am itching and fidgeting and didn't really go back to sleep, he got really upset around 4am and finally calmed down enough to sleep about 4.30am. Not the best start to the New Year but neva mind :) He had a good New Year's Day running around with Scarlet and the other kids that were there.
My new year's resolution (keeping it simple and therefore easier to achieve) is to learn to crochet!
Here's to 2009 may all the waves in your ocean of life be gently and within your ability to ride them out!!

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