Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Birthday Party

Recently Kaydin celebrated his birthday.Because he is really into 'Ben10' (an animated series about a boy that can turn into aliens) we had a Space themed birthday. It went really well, Kaydin dressed all in green and then had his face painted green as well. we had fire alien, many 3 aliens with masks, 2 aliens with tinfoil head bits and a princess alien. Kaydin had great fun that day. The kids all glowing bracelets (like glowsticks but able to be put in a circle,a pack of 15 for $2) and they won spiders and lollipops in the pass the parcel. Kaydins cake was a spaceship which didn't work out aswell as i would have liked but the kids liked it, and they loved the green jelly!
Next year however i think Kaydin's dad can have a turn organising his birthday, although i have said that the past 2 yrs so imnot sure how likely that will happen :)

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