Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Moving House

I moved house recently and finally Kaydin and i have a house we can call OUR house. Kaydin is still calling it new house and probably will for a long time i think. We movedin with my grandma, Kaydin's great-grandma and so far it has ben just fantastic. We both get along so well and she has great patience with Kaydin which is a god send because sometimes he can be just too much. They bake bread together and have gardening plans,i even brought him his own little set of garden spade, fork etc. We both take turns at housework and cooking (although grandma does majority of cooking) but neither of us is at all worried if nothing gets done or takes a while. It is such a relaxing place to be (both of us are finacial better off being able to share costs) and i hope we are both here for the next 20-30 years even :)


Annie said...

Sweetie, we all hope you're there for years to come, too.
I'm so happy it's working out so well - it was great to see the two of you so giggly when you visited after your first night in new house.

mummi said...

thank you :)