Sunday, 23 December 2007

presents in shared parenting

I don't remember Christmas being this stressful last year.
i thought i was doing well when i had all my presents except two by the second week of december, wrapped and hidden even. unfortunately those two were my cousin who has everything she needs and can buy anything she wants and my ex partner Kaydins dad. this is a problem every year even when we were together because he absoloutly refuses to admit he wants anything his standard answer to the question 'what would yu like for (xmas, birthday, father's day)?' is always 'nothing' so this year his sister and i cornered him and made him sit at the table throwing suggestions at him till he had agreed to some. but then of course i couldn't find the play station game he wanted for the price i was willing to pay and i had no idea which books he already had by the author he suggested. and did i mention to add to my present shopping drama his birthday is the 24th december which means two presents are needed! in the end i found a ps2 game i hope he's happy with, i got a book he hadn't read and fell back on my usual buy a t-shirt with a funny saying on it, actually i let kaydin choose two and a singlet, but he keeps wearing them so he can't mind too much.
i've also heard through his mother and sister that he actually got me a present this year and it's not chocolate and i'm not complaining but it does seem strange. out of all my birthdays, mother's day's and christmasses i've known him i can recall 3 presents. Flower's and a mosquito net for my first birthday i spent with him, an engagement ring (which was nice but not as long lasting as the net which i still have), and a box of choccies last year. but we shall see what happens whatever it is it's certainly better than nothing and the thought is definately what counts.
i hope you all have a (relatively)relaxed christmas and may all your present thoughts be appreciated :)

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