Sunday, 30 December 2007

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was such a great day!!! after waiting till 8.30am before waking kaydin up he was absolutly spoiled rotten. he loved his Black & Decker kids tool sets from me and Opoe (old dutch for grandmother)and his woody doll from his uncle which is the same as his cousins one he loves to play with. then at daddys he spent nearly 10 minutes just opening his presents, which is his favourite bit anyway :)
its so neat that although he didn't understand the santa thing he did enjoy opening presents this year.
the present from kaydins dad was a dvd i wanted so i think we are making progress on the parenting together and being friends part. he also went and strted playing the playstation game i & kaydin got him so i think that went down well to.
All in all Christmas was great we saw nearly all of my mothers side in the morning, kaydins fathers family 4 lunch and all my fathers side for dinner.
we went to bed full and happy (although kaydin didn't want to go to sleep till 11pm i think it was the sugar)

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