Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Keep Safe Programme for Kids

Today was the last dy in a 5 week course Kaydin has been doing at playcentre called a keep safe programme.Every wednesday for 5 weeks the kids come to listen to a lady talk to them about keeping safe. This was such a good course for both kaydin and i. They sung songs, the lady running it dressed up as different characters and the puppet toby was a regular. The kids learnt about differences between boys and girls, parts of their bodies, ok touching and not ok, yes and no feelings, telling safe adults. Kaydin took a cple of visits before he felt comfortable enuf to get involved in the questions, dancing, singing aspects. Kaydin now knows to say "Stop it! i don't like it!" and to tell his mum and other safe adults if they don't stop. it was also good for parents because it gives us a base to build upon, it gives language and ideas on how to bring these subjects up and the confidence to talk about them with our children.
So hopefully this was a great start to introducing not only safety to kaydin but also to the both of us being comfortable talking about things in years to come!

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